Sponsorships & exhibitions

Approximately 1 100 delegates (based on the 2017 numbers, including 250 trade delegates) are expected to attend SACO 2019.

There are a variety of opportunities for companies to promote themselves at this congress. The Organising Committee, chaired by Dr Alicia Sherriff, has compiled a summary of these opportunities and invite interested companies to select the option best suited to their marketing strategies and product profile.

The participation of the trade is the backbone of a successful congress. We have great appreciation for your continued support of our congresses.

In the current budget-constrained environment the organisers would like to encourage participating exhibitors to carefully reconsider the use of expensive promotional displays in the exhibition area. A trend towards simplicity and relevance is considered more appropriate at this time. We think you will agree.

The Organising Committee would be most grateful if your company would consider participating in this congress.

Please note that ONLY trade delegates / representatives in the service of companies participating in the Trade Exhibition OR involved as sponsors will be allowed to attend the congress.

More information Notice of Intention for Trade

Please complete the Notice of Intention for Trade and return it by e-mail OR fax to Rhyno Kriek.


The BDM 12 and SANS forms are only applicable to structures 3m or higher and stage 900mm or higher.

The person who appoints the structural engineer is to complete section A on the BDM 12 and structural engineer to completed Section B.

The SANS form is to be completed as follow:

  • Section 1 – Would be completed by the person who appoints the structural engineer
  • Section 2 - Would be completed by the structural engineer
  • Section 3 - Would be completed by the structural engineer with signature as well as the signature of the person who appoints the structural engineer.
  • *

(Please see SANS Form – Example as reference to how to complete the SANS form)

When you do forward me the BDM 12 and SANS form please do indicate for which stands it is for.

Relevant Documentation